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Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions of Prevent Child Abuse Iowa. You can learn more about our work to eliminate child abuse in Iowa by exploring our site, or you can call us at 515.244.2200.

What should I do if I suspect child abuse?

Call the Department of Human Services (DHS) at 1.800.362.2178 to report abuse.

You don’t have to wait for abuse to occur to involve DHS, as they put families in contact with the necessary support. Callers may remain anonymous.

How do I locate parent support services in my area?

Simply call 211 to learn what resources are available in your area of the state.

What services are available to prevent abuse?

Respite & Crisis Child Care provide parents a break from the stresses of parenting.

Parent Development and Outreach services offer group-based and in-home parent education that teaches age-based expectations of children, so parents can better identify typical behaviors and techniques to handle challenges.

Sexual Abuse Prevention educates parents, community members and children about sexual abuse and how to prevent it.

For more information, visit the Prevention section of our website.

What can I do to prevent child abuse?

Offer a neighbor, friend or family member a break from parenting. Sometimes even a short period away is all a parent needs to be refreshed, engaged and patient.

Benefit from helpful services near your community, which educate parents about age-appropriate expectations of children and provide positive parenting tips. Many services offer an opportunity to unwind and converse with other parents experiencing the very same frustrations.

Participate on a board of a local organization, which works to prevent child abuse in your local community, or join Prevent Child Abuse Iowa’s board.

Contact your local legislator(s) to ensure they support child abuse prevention funding and policies to make children safer in your community and in our state.

For more information, visit the Get Involved section of our website.

How can I make a donation to Prevent Child Abuse Iowa?

To support the work of Prevent Child Abuse Iowa, you can make an electronic donation from our website, or mail a check to:

Prevent Child Abuse Iowa
501 SW 7th St., Suite G1
Des Moines, IA 50309

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