Community Based Child Abuse Prevention Program

The Community Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) program strives to offer evidence-based programs and resources to parents through local communities. Services focus on building "protective factors" in families by increasing social supports, links to community resources, knowledge about child development and parenting, and nurturing and attachment between parent and child - all critical to preventing child abuse.

CBCAP began as a result of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act in 1985. The program receives approximately $240,000 in federal funding annually. Funds are distributed through a competitive request for proposal process beginning in May/June. Grant amounts are recommended by an independent grant review committee and awarded on the federal fiscal year cycle (Oct.1 through Sept. 30).  Grantees are notified of their award by the end of September.

CBCAP funds are available only to Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC) sites, which consist of community members, professionals and families who work together to develop and implement local programs, services, supports and policies that positively impact families and protect children from abuse. Sites are to determine the appropriate child prevention needs in their communities and apply for funds to help address those needs.

CBCAP funds provide the following prevention services:

  • Parent Development - Focuses on parenting techniques, child development, and age-appropriate behaviors while creating an informal, supportive network among attendees.
  • Crisis Child Care - Provides a safe, caring environment for children while granting a break to parents, particularly during times of extreme difficulty.
  • Community Based Family Team Meetings - Builds a team of community members to support a family in crisis by addressing factors that threaten children's safety, establish permanency for each child, and promote well being. 

Prevent Child Abuse Iowa manages the CBCAP funds in Iowa, as well as provides support and guidance to organizations that offer direct-family care.

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