ICAPP: Forms

ICAPP FY 2019: July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019

All available FY 2019 ICAPP reporting forms can be found below. Please contact Abby Patterson with any questions.

FY 2019 GAX Form

FY 2019 GAX Form – ICAPP

FY 2019 GAX Form – CBCAP

FY 2019 GAX Form – Sexual Abuse Prevention

FY 2019 Monthly Expense Report

FY 2019 Quarterly Report Forms

Home Visitation

Parent Development

Crisis Care

Sexual Abuse Prevention

FY 2019 Service Evaluations

SAP Service Evaluation - Adult

FY 2019 Protective Factors Survey

Pre/Post Protective Factors Survey - English

Pre/Post Protective Factors Survey - Spanish

*Please note that you may use this PFS hard copy form for ALL service types. When entering data please pay special attention to the service area and type to ensure proper data collection.

FY 2019 DAISEY Participant Enrollment Forms

Caregiver Enrollment Form

Caregiver Enrollment Form - Spanish

Child Enrollment Form

Child Enrollment Form - Spanish

Information on Subcontracting

Developing Subcontracts

Developing Subcontracts Presentation Slides

Sample Subcontract 1

Sample Subcontract 2

Information on Evidence-Based Practice

2014 EBP in Prevention Programs

2014 Social Support Best Practices

Review of Best Practices in Child Abuse Prevention - December 2014

·       Presentation Slides

·       Webinar recording (Please allow a few minutes for the webinar to load.)

General Information

Council Membership List

Contract Expectations

Webinar - Grant Renewals FY 2018

Webinar - 2018 Contract Changes

Webinar - Iowa Family Survey FY16

ICAPP/CBCAP Comparison

Billing and Reporting Quick Fact Sheet

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