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Teaching children about their bodies and inappropriate touches can help them say no to unwanted contact and to tell an adult. However, adults ultimately bear the responsibility of protecting children. You can help prevent child sexual abuse by understanding the facts and minimizing the risk. The Stewards of Children training program will prepare you for this important role.

Stewards of Children

Stewards of Children is a nationally recognized child sexual abuse prevention training program for adults. The training covers facts about child sexual abuse, situations in which child sexual abuse might occur, strategies for protecting children, and signs of sexual abuse and how to respond. This program is for any adult, particularly parents and others working with youth.

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There are 55 facilitators trained to deliver this program in communities throughout Iowa. Find a training in your area.

To request training or to find out who is a facilitator in your area, contact Prevent Child Abuse Iowa

Become a Trainer

Darkness to Light trains facilitators to deliver the Stewards of Children program to adults in an organization or community. These facilitators play an important role in spreading the message of prevention and engaging community members in dialogue. Learn more about becoming a trainer.

Prevent Child Abuse Iowa occasionally hosts Stewards of Children facilitator workshops in Iowa. To learn more, contact us.

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