Resources for Professionals

As a professional working with children, you should make sure that you and the organization you work for have practices in place that ensure child safety. You can also play a leading role in child sexual abuse prevention initiatives in your community. Here are resources to help:


Take the Stewards of Children training.

Consider becoming a Stewards of Children facilitator.

Policies and Procedures

Make sure your organization has policies in place for working with youth in one-on-one situations and procedures for reporting suspected abuse. Have every staff trained in child sexual abuse prevention. Here are tools to implement these measures.

Mandatory Reporting

In Iowa, professionals who have frequent contact with children (generally those working in health, mental health, education, child care, law enforcement or social work fields) are designated mandatory reporters and must report suspected child abuse within 24 hours of when they believe a child has suffered abuse. Learn more: Child Abuse: A Guide for Mandatory Reporters and Mandatory Reporting Procedures.

Prevention Program Guidelines

Learn the characteristics of effective child sex abuse prevention programs.

This Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Information Packet developed by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center offers professionals many resources including research, models of prevention, and guidelines for prevention programs.

Additional Resources

Child Welfare Information Gateway shares tools, curricula and programs designed to raise awareness and reduce the risk of child sexual abuse.

The Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault provides resources on sexual assault and bullying prevention.

For information in Spanish, visit Resources for Parents.

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