Counseling, Therapy and Treatment

Child Advocacy Centers

Child advocacy centers help coordinate agencies and professionals to minimize the trauma a child experiences and to enhance the community’s response to abuse. They can help provide vital medical and mental health services to children and their families as well as facilitate the prosecution of perpetrators.

These centers will not accept direct referrals from parents; referrals for evaluations must come from law enforcement, child protection agencies or medical providers. Concerns about abuse and neglect should be reported to law enforcement and/or the Iowa Department of Human Services.

Learn more about child traumatic stress and the counseling, therapy and treatment options in your area.

Other Resources

Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline provides information, support and advocacy to victims and survivors of sexual abuse and their loved ones. Services are available to youth 13 and older and to adults. Call 1.800.284.7821.

The Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault provides resources for victims, survivors and families.

The American Psychological Association Help Center offers information related to various psychological issues and allows you to search for psychologists based on location and type of issue.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry provides information on how to find mental health services for your child.

Stop It Now! offers a list of resources to help your child heal and recover from child sexual abuse.

Stop It Now! offers a list of resources to help adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

The Mothers of Sexually Abused Children site offers mother of sexually abused children support and information.

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