Iowa Child Abuse Prevention Program

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Child abuse prevention councils are present in nearly every county in Iowa. These groups of community leaders understand the importance of investing early in Iowa’s children. It’s much more effective to prevent child abuse than to treat the effects after the fact. The councils offer services that focus on education and support to parents to prevent child abuse before it occurs.

ICAPP funds provide the following services:

Community Development

Projects educate and inform community members about child abuse and its prevention.

Home Visitation

Meets parents in their home to provide parenting education information and access to community resources.

Parent Development

Focuses on parenting techniques, child development, and age-appropriate behaviors while creating an informal, supportive network among attendees.

Crisis Care Services

Offers parents a safe, nurturing environment for their children during times of emergency.

Sexual Abuse Prevention

Educates parents, community members and children about sexual abuse and how to prevent it.

ICAPP is a state and federally funded program, which was established by Iowa Legislature in 1982. Prevent Child Abuse Iowa administers the program, as well as provides assistance and guidance to the organizations that offer direct family support with ICAPP funds.

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How We Prevent Child Abuse in Iowa

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