Prevent Child Abuse Iowa conducts and collects research to advance professionals' and community members' work to end child abuse in Iowa. The more we know, the greater support we can provide families.

View the 2017 Iowa Child Maltreatment Prevention Needs Assessment here.

View the Iowa Child Abuse Prevention Strategic Plan here.

ACEs Research

With funding from the Iowa Department of Public Health, PCA Iowa contracted with Hornby Zeller Associates, Inc. to produce two research briefs examining areas relevant to the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study.  This well-regarded study identified the strong association between adverse childhood experiences – including several types of abuse, neglect and household dysfunction – and poor adult health problems and risky behaviors.

The May and June 2014 briefs summarize research on:

We recommend you read the Neurobiology of Stress brief followed by the Promoting Resiliency brief.

For more detailed information on The ACE Study, its implications, and child abuse prevention as a response, take these two free online courses.

Sexual Abuse Prevention Research

As directed by the Iowa Legislature, PCA Iowa chaired and staffed a statewide task force to examine the extent of child sexual abuse in Iowa and identify strategies for preventing it. The task force released a report in January 2012 detailing goals for preventing child sexual abuse and recommendations for legislative action.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Task Force Report

Older Research

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