Connections Matter has been updated!

Connections Matter

Yes – you heard right.  It has been refreshed, updated, refurbished, reconditioned, improved, revised – whatever synonym you prefer, and we’re so excited to share!

We heard feedback from around the state and worked with Dr. Linda Chamberlain, curriculum developer, to improve and update the curriculum.  The goal of Connections Matter remains the same: To build a common language around Adverse Childhood Experiences, trauma, and resilience.  The updated version will include new references, updated slides, activities, speaker notes, and additional 2-hour and 4-hour presentations.

Facilitator trainings will be scheduled throughout the fall and into 2022. All individuals currently using the Connections Matter curriculum are invited to attend a Facilitator training to ensure that you are using the current curriculum. New Facilitators are also welcome to attend. The training fee includes printed and digital materials for attendees.

All newly trained Facilitators will also have access to monthly virtual training meetings, data tracking, and ongoing technical assistance and support. In addition, PCA Iowa will work closely with each Facilitator for the first year following training to help achieve the goal of reaching community members with the message of Connections Matter.

We are grateful to everyone who has been a part of creating and delivering Connections Matter across the state.  We strive to honor that work and continue to listen and improve to best support our communities.

For any additional questions, please contact Martha Comfort, Connections Matter Program Manager (