Iowa Child Abuse Prevention Program

The Iowa Child Abuse Prevention Program (ICAPP) was established by the Iowa Legislature in 1982. The program receives approximately $1.5 million in annual funding through a variety of federal, state and other streams.
Funds are subsequently distributed through a competitive request for proposal (RFP) process, and grants are awarded to communities based on recommendations by independent review committees.

Prevent Child Abuse Iowa administers the program and provides assistance and guidance to the organizations that offer direct family support.

ICAPP funds may only be distributed to local child abuse prevention councils, which are defined as “a group of persons who, by consensus of a community’s human services providers, represent the community’s interest in child abuse prevention and serve as representatives without compensation.”

These councils, which are are present in nearly every county in Iowa, determine the appropriate needs in their communities and apply for funds to help address those needs.

ICAPP funds the following services:

Community Development

Projects that strengthen community capacity to serve families.

Home Visitation

In-home programs for parents to provide parenting education and access to community resources.

Parent Development

Educational programs focusing on parenting techniques, child development, and age-appropriate behaviors while creating an informal, supportive network among attendees.

Sexual Abuse Prevention

Formal programs that teach parents, community members and children about sexual abuse and prevention.

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