Connections Matter

Communities that are connected through close relationships are safer; children do better – even children who struggle with tough times; and people are healthier.

We learn more each day about the potential long-term effects trauma has on people who don’t have supportive relationships or a strong community to protect them. Research has shown that trauma can be passed on to the next generation unintentionally.

This can be prevented. We know more than ever before about how to help people and communities heal from trauma: connections matter to brain, relationship, and community development.

Resilience depends, to a great extent, on a person’s relationships and community. The more we learn about resilience, the more we recognize that it is the systems around us—family, school, neighborhood, church, friends, workplace and community—that influence our resilience. That’s why connections matter!

The Connections Matter® program is about engaging communities in understanding the impact of trauma and the important role we all play in building resilience through trusting, caring relationships.

Vibrant, successful communities are built through healthy, supportive relationships, one connection at a time.

Learn more about the Connections Matter® and how your community can join the movement at the  Connections Matter® website.