Prevent Child Abuse Iowa to hold annual meeting in April

Board of Directors

On Tuesday, April 9, Prevent Child Abuse Iowa will hold its annual meeting of the Board of Directors, which will include the election of directors for 2019-2020.

Proposed Slate for Election as Directors for 2019-2020
  • Katheryn Thorson, President
  • A.J. Simpson, Vice President
  • Marci Chickering, Past President
  • Jacque Mohs, Secretary
  • John Marshall, Treasurer
  • Chris Gray, Executive Committee, At Large
  • Jerry Loghry, Executive Committee, At Large
  • Bill Finnegan, Director
  • Mary Gannon, Director
  • Nolan Grimm, Director
  • Galen Howsare, Director
  • Denny Presnall, Director
  • Amy Price, Director,
  • Josh Sienkiewicz, Director
  • Lori Strum, Director